e hënë, 17 dhjetor 2007

Simpler Syntax

Peter W. Culicover, Ray Jackendoff, "Simpler Syntax"
Oxford University Press, USA (August 23, 2005) | ISBN:0199271089 | 608 pages | PDF | 9,3 Mb


"This book is a major step forward for linguistics. Its systematic, accessible style of analysis heralds a renaissance in syntax, not just for specialists but for everyone."--Mark Liberman, University of Pennsylvania
"Two master syntacticians show how far current syntactic theory has lost touch with reality--and how to reconnect. A brilliant book, inspiring new optimism about the field."--Geoffrey K. Pullum, University of California, Santa Cruz

Book Description
This groundbreaking book offers a new and compelling perspective on the structure of human language. The fundamental issue that it addresses is the proper balance between syntax and semantics, between structure and derivation, and between rule systems and lexicon. It argues that the balance
struck by mainstream generative grammar is wrong. It puts forward a new basis for syntactic theory, drawing on a wide range of frameworks, and charts new directions for research. Simpler Syntax is addressed to linguists of all persuasions. It will also be of central interest to those concerned with
language in psychology, human biology, evolution, computational science, and artificial intelligence.

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