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The Handbook of Second Language Acquisition

Catherine J. Doughty, Mike Long, "The Handbook of Second Language Acquisition"
Wiley-Blackwell; New Ed edition (June 17, 2005) | ISBN:1405132817 | 888 pages | PDF | 6,9 Mb

"Catherine Doughty and Michael Long have emerged as two of the most knowledgeable, authoritative, and sanest voices in the current contentious debates over truth claims in second language acquisition. Their stewardship of the chapters in this volume – and authorship of two articles plus an overview and an interesting afterword that treats SLA as cognitive science – has produced some very strong critical summaries of several central ideas in these debates. The range and depth of many of the chapters is great and I have learned much from revisiting subjects I thought I knew well, such as transfer, fossilization, and individual variation." Larry Selinker, New York University

"Arguing that SLA research should be viewed as a branch of cognitive science, the editors have served up a feast for, and about, the mind. This Handbook will be read, consulted, and referred to again and again." Diane Larsen-Freeman, University of Michigan

"The Handbook of Second Language Acquisition lives up to its name: it provides a remarkable overview of the field, whose future the editors intelligently advocate to be an integral constituent of cognitive science. A rainbow of topics and theoretical stances promises much stimulation to a wide readership. The volume will no doubt serve as a highly appreciated resource for novice and expert alike." Bonnie D. Schwartz, University of Hawaii

"Highly recommended." Choice

Book Description
The Handbook of Second Language Acquisition presents an integrated discussion of key, and sometimes controversial, issues in second language acquisition research.

Discusses the biological and cognitive underpinnings of SLA, mechanisms, processes, and constraints on SLA, the level of ultimate attainment, research methods, and the status of SLA as a cognitive science.
Includes contributions from twenty-seven of the world's leading scholars.
Provides an invaluable resource for all students and scholars of human cognition, including those in linguistics, psychology, applied linguistics, ESL, foreign languages, and cognitive science.


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