e martë, 11 dhjetor 2007

Shadow Hunter + Book of Numbers

Bob Cassidy, "Shadow Hunter + Book of Numbers"
PDF | English | 1.7 MB

One of his secrets is the knowledge that everyday objects are really effects whose instructions have been lost. A glass object on a supermarket shelf might look like a jelly jar, for example, but is that what it really is? He looks at the fluted glass sides that distort the appearance of the contents and realizes that it is a cleverly disguised secret device. He asks himself, “How does it work?”

At the checkout counter, while he is waiting to purchase his new discovery, he carefully peruses the mini-magazines that purport to reveal the secrets of numerology and how to harness your psychic powers. Are they simply pieces of bait to hook the gullible, or do they have another purpose? He looks behind their tacky facade and sees what they are really for.

His own appearance is equally deceptive. Most people assume he’s dangerously psychotic.

They are wrong.

He is the Schattenjaeger. His workshop is everywhere.

Dr. Crow’s Book of Numbers

Every two weeks or so, a company called American Media Mini Mags, of Boca Raton, Florida, delivers yet another publication to supermarket checkout counters throughout the country. Featuring such titles as “Is Your Pet Psychic?” “Are You Psychic?” “How to Talk to Your Cat” and “Everyone is Psychic Except You”, these and similar “mini-mags” have become commonplace..

“Dr. Crow’s Book of Numbers” is a mentalist’s utility device that appears to be just another of these ubiquitous releases. It is a sixty-six-page booklet, which you can easily print out on your computer. (Separate .pdf and .doc files, ready for printing, are included in the file that contains this eBook, as are full size versions of the front and back covers.)

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