e martë, 11 dhjetor 2007

The Breakthrough Card System

Richard Osterlind, "The Breakthrough Card System"
English | PDF | Pages: 20 | 1.1 MB

With so many people doing stacked deck work these days, its tough to ignore the jaw-dropping miracles that are possible. What’s even tougher still is to find a stack that wont take you about three years to learn! Luckily, after only my first purchase of a system, I hit gold. And you all know how tough it is to find the winners among all of the waste product on the magic market today. It’s Richard Osterlind's “Breakthrough Card System”.

What’s a system you say?

There was a little confusion on my part as far as the difference between a system and a memorized deck/stacked deck were concerned. Is there a difference? Richard clears all this up in the first few pages of this nine-page gem. He then discusses several other systems, as well as memorized decks/stacks. So yes, he does tell you the subtle, yet very important differences.

The content:

Once you start to read the actual card system he has come up with, you will be absolutely delighted! What you are getting here is so much easier than taking a shuffled deck and just memorizing it from top to bottom. You are getting a system that will enable you to straight cut the deck as many times as you wish, and still maintain its stacked order. I will say that again.

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