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Glycochemistry: Principles: Synthesis, and Applications

Glycochemistry: Principles: Synthesis, and Applications
Publisher:CRC | 2001-06-15 | ISBN:0824705386 | Pages:696 | PDF | 7 MB

Book Description:

US, Canadian, and Chinese chemists summarize recent research into the synthesis, principles, and applications of carbohydrates for graduate students and researchers in carbohydrate chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and glycobiology. The topics include solid phase oligosaccharide synthesis, the chemical synthesis of bioactive steroidal saponins, the chemistry and biology of multi-valent saccharide displays, structures and mechanisms of action of aminoglycoside antibiotics, synthesizing glycosaminoglycans, glycosyltransferases in oligosaccharide synthesis, and metabolic substrate engineering as a tool for glycobiology Glycochemistry: Principles, Synthesis, and Applications presents methods used in the development of carbohydrate-based therapeutics. It highlights applications in chemical and enzymatic synthesis of complex carbohydrates, carbohydrate function, and carbohydrate-mediated biological recognition processes. There are practical examples on the development of carbohydrate-based pharmaceuticals and polymers for commercial use. The text also emphasizes the role of carbohydrates as key elements in modern molecular recognition processes.



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