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Foundations of interior Design CD-Rom Version

Foundations of interior Design CD-Rom Version

Foundations of interior Design CD-Rom Version
Publisher: Fairchild Publications | PIC | ISBN:1563672863 │ English | 322 MB | 51MB×6+13MB

Foundations of Interior Design balances the theory of interior design with its practice as an applied art, combining real-life examples with a historical and conceptual look at design theory. It introduces its readers to the professional career path on which they are about to embark, highlighting the experiences of those already in the field. Its author, an interior design practitioner, educator, and writer, approaches the field from a service-industry perspective. With a conversational writing style, Slotkis presents a thorough introduction to design theory and execution, history, FFE, socially responsible design, and business practices. This book provides practical advice about interior design as a career, as well as conceptual information about colour schemes, planning, and the principles of design theory.

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part1

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part2

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part3

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part4

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part5

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part6

Foundations Of Interior Design CD.part7

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