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Chaos, Bifurcations and Fractals Around Us: A Brief Introduction

Wanda Szemplinska-Stupnicka, "Chaos, Bifurcations and Fractals Around Us: A Brief Introduction"
World Scientific Publishing Company (January 2004) | ISBN: 9812386890 | 110 pages | PDF | 5,4 Mb

During the last twenty years, a large number of books on nonlinear chaotic dynamics in deterministic dynamical systems have appeared. These academic tomes are intended for graduate students and require a deep knowledge of comprehensive, advanced mathematics. There is a need for a book that is accessible to general readers, a book that makes it possible to get a good deal of knowledge about complex chaotic phenomena in nonlinear oscillators without deep mathematical study.

Chaos, Bifurcations and Fractals Around Us: A Brief Introduction fills that gap. It is a very short monograph that, owing to geometric interpretation complete with computer color graphics, makes it easy to understand even very complex advanced concepts of chaotic dynamics. This invaluable publication is also addressed to lecturers in engineering departments who want to include selected nonlinear problems in full time courses on general mechanics, vibrations or physics so as to encourage their students to conduct further study.

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Text presents complex advanced topics of chaotic dynamics in an easy to understand manner. For students and readers interested in general mechanics, vibrations, or physics.

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