e martë, 11 dhjetor 2007

The Blindfold Book

Richard Osterlind, "The Blindfold Book"
PDF | Pages: 89 | 4.4 MB

The future of blindfold work is here … again! Long unavailable, Richard Osterlind's Stainless Steel Blindfold revolutionized blindfold work when it was first introduced as it offered the magic and mentalism communities an almost perfect method for apparent Sightless Vision.

This blindfold was a quantum leap over previous blindfold methods. Though it was able to stand up to rigorous examination by spectators who could find no clue to its diabolical secret, it still afforded the performer with almost full vision instantly. Now available again at long last, Richard Osterlind's Stainless Steel Blindfold is ready to give another generation of performers an extra dimension to their acts -
the apparent ability to see without the use of their eyes. The blindfold is laser cut from premium stainless steel that will last a lifetime. What's more, a brand new book by Osterlind is included that contains the full workings of the blindfold plus revolutionary ideas, some of which have never before been disclosed. Throw away your tape, scarfs and chintzy sleep masks. The future of blindfold work is here once more!

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