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Microbiology Demystified (Demystified)

Microbiology Demystified
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
  • Number Of Pages: 288
  • Publication Date: 2005-05-25
  • Sales Rank: 78142
  • ISBN / ASIN: 0071446508
  • EAN: 9780071446501
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Professional
  • Studio: McGraw-Hill Professional

  • Book Description:

    This is a must-have supplement for pre-med, nursing, and medical science students, and anyone else wanting to improve their understanding of microbiology

    Utilising a unique self-teaching approach, the authors follow the syllabus of the leading textbooks and translate complex terms and concepts into an easy-to-read and understand format.

    Follows syllabus of leading textbooks, but translates complex terms and concepts into a format that's easy to read and understand.Includes a 10-question quiz at the end of each chapter, and a 100-question exam at the end of the book.


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