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Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Second Edition

Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Second Edition

Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Second Edition
By Lokenath Debnath,&nbspDambaru Bhatta,

* Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC
* Number Of Pages: 700
* Publication Date: 2006-10-11
* Sales Rank: 939721
* ISBN / ASIN: 1584885750
* EAN: 9781584885757
* Binding: Hardcover
* Manufacturer: Chapman & Hall/CRC
* Studio: Chapman & Hall/CRC

Book Description:

Keeping the style, content, and focus that made the first edition a bestseller, Integral Transforms and their Applications, Second Edition stresses the development of analytical skills rather than the importance of more abstract formulation. The authors provide a working knowledge of the analytical methods required in pure and applied mathematics, physics, and engineering. The second edition includes many new applications, exercises, comments, and observations with some sections entirely rewritten. It contains more than 500 worked examples and exercises with answers as well as hints to selected exercises. The most significant changes in the second edition include: · New chapters on fractional calculus and its applications to ordinary and partial differential equations, wavelets and wavelet transformations, and Radon transform · Revised chapter on Fourier transforms, including new sections on Fourier transforms of generalized functions, Poissons summation formula, Gibbs phenomenon, and Heisenbergs uncertainty principle · A wide variety of applications has been selected from areas of ordinary and partial differential equations, integral equations, fluid mechanics and elasticity, mathematical statistics, fractional ordinary and partial differential equations, and special functions · A broad spectrum of exercises at the end of each chapter further develops analytical skills in the theory and applications of transform methods and a deeper insight into the subject A systematic mathematical treatment of the theory and method of integral transforms, the book provides a clear understanding of the subject and its varied applications in mathematics, applied mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering.


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