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Civil EngiHow To Write & Publish a Scientific Paper: 5th Edition [Writing & Journalism]

How To Write & Publish a Scientific Paper: 5th Edition

How To Write & Publish a Scientific Paper: 5th Edition
By Robert A. Day

* Publisher: Oryx Press
* Number Of Pages: 296
* Publication Date: 1998-06-18
* Sales Rank: 123996
* ISBN / ASIN: 1573561657
* EAN: 9781573561655
* Binding: Paperback
* Manufacturer: Oryx Press
* Studio: Oryx Press
Book Description:

The growth of the Internet, online journals, new software packages, computer networks – these and other facets of science writing can be found in the new edition of Robert A. Day’s How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper. Day has also expanded the section on poster preparation and presentation. The author helps good scientists become good writers by providing a practical guide to the process of writing, organising, illustrating, and submitting scientific research for publication in a scholarly scientific journal. The book’s chapters are arranged according to the sequence of necessary steps for the submission and publication of a scientific paper. Day also discusses review writing, conference reports and theses, oral presentations, permissions and ethical issues, how to avoid jargon, and, finally, abbreviations and grammar. The book concludes with six appendices and a glossary of technical terms.


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