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Make: Technology on your time - Volume 08

Make: Technology on your time - Volume 08
PDF | 121000 Kb | 204 pages | Rapidshare.com

Make - Volume 08: Toy and Games

A secret history of Myst, resurrecting a neglected pinball machine, making an asteroid mining colony on your kitchen table, creating robotic desk toys, building a rubber band ornithopter, making a toy gun controlled alarm clock, and a special primer on mold making by Mythbuster's Adam Savage.

Play is as important as work — maybe more! Volume 08 features a special Toys and Games section packed with unique makers and projects, plus DIY flying machines, coffee roasters, and our own little flipbook animation. And be sure to check out the MAKE Holiday Gift Guide for great gift ideas for the incorrigible makers and inquisitive tinkerers on your list!


Download Make - Volume 08 - Part 1/2 - 90000 Kb RAPIDSHARE
Download Make - Volume 08 - Part 2/2 - 30000 Kb RAPIDSHARE

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