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Monopoly Tycoon: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Monopoly Tycoon: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
128 pages | Publisher: Prima Games | ISBN:0761531416 | PDF | 7 Mb

If you've ever played the classic Monopoly board game and found yourself stranded helplessly before a stretch of hotels on Board Walk and Park Place, while owning only shoddy green houses on Baltic and Mediterranean, you know why you need this strategy guide. Your favorite board game has grown up, and Monopoly City: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is ready to help you take revenge on those childhood memories of hopeless board game poverty or recapture those feelings of sweet entrepreneurial success.
-You want every railroad?
-Need strategies for smart hotel construction?
-Tips on when a risk means sudden success versus instant devastation?

Choose Prima and the only choice you'll still need help with is Horse, Shoe, or Top Hat!

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